January 17, 2007


Sunday had a chill, which for Walnut Creek means about fifty degrees. The tiger cubs (cub scouts) were playing hide and seek in the playground, when for some reason I looked straight up into the blue-blue sky and saw this:

I had never seen a rainbow straight above in the middle of a blue sky before. One of the other scout dads thought it was due to ice crystals high up in the atmosphere. Whatever caused it, I have to say it was amazing to see, and brilliant in both its brightness and richness of color.

Writing Update
Yesterday I sent Jumping The Stream to Gather's First Chapters competition. Although my submission has not yet made it up to the site, I see there are already 61 entries posted. I am not going to campaign for votes or encourage people to sign up for Gather just to vote for my novel. Feel free if you want to do so, however. After it gets posted, which should be within the next few days.

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