January 21, 2007

did I win yet?

Vote for me.

Click here and rate my chapter a "ten." Or don't. Actually, I don't much care. The Gather contest is well underway, and they have over 200 entries, I think. My chapter currently has a rating of 4.5 out of 10, and readers have been courteous enough to leave four somewhat helpful comments. I admit disappointment in the points total, but as I said earlier: I don't much care.

The voting and scoring really is a popularity contest for the most part. I entered because (a) it was free and (b) 25% of the manuscripts that move on are selected by the editorial panel, not by the vote totals. I certainly did not enter to get votes. I'm not sure anyone I know is even registered on Gather.

Anyway, if you are registered and would like to see my score go above 4.5, go to this page and vote: My Gather Contest Entry: Jumping The Stream

I'm off to Minneapolis in the morning for a turnaround business trip. It is the first step on my road through work hell over the coming few months. I am hoping I can continue to make progress on Forced Air during that time, but it's not looking hopeful.

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Lily said...

I signed up for gather but I couldn't figure out a way to vote. I can tell you've done some revising and it is well done.