January 1, 2009

View from my sister's kitchen window


writtenwyrdd said...

Happy new year! At 1pm we've finally hit 10 degrees up here. I imagine Boston's around 20 degrees?
Hope you aren't too cold!

Sarah Laurenson said...

So different from home, eh? Hope you're enjoying your time in the snow.

Sam said...

Oh those lovely (freezing cold) New England winters!
My mother said it was 12° yesterday - too cold for her little dog to go out.
It rarely gets that cold over here, but I miss the snow and sparkle of freezing weather, - mostly it's gray and foggy.

JaneyV said...

I'm absolutely freezing here in the UK but it just doesn't seem to want to snow. Vermont looks like heaven to me. Hubby and I stayed there once in the fall and have promised ourselves a return visit when it's snowy... one day.

Your sister's place looks idyllic.

PJD said...

WW, Boston was about 15 that day. The town where my sister lives postponed their Dec 31 fireworks because of all the snow, but Boston held theirs on schedule.

Sarah, we did indeed enjoy it. And I would have to say that New England is home to me... California is just where I live.

Sam, nice to see you again! We had gray and foggy in Vermont two days, then crisp and crystal clear one day.

Jane, my sister does indeed have a very nice place. Much nicer than I could ever afford!

Robin B. said...

Gorgeous view!