January 14, 2009

haiku wednesday - January 14, 2009

This week's words are

Three words with a sort of similar sound to them.

their sunlight forfeit
saplings entwine, strive upward
a dark forest tryst

email chains entwine
forever loves now forfeit
tryst left them empty

forfeit sight and sound
a tryst of touch, taste only
our bodies entwine


Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

Each are very different, and very good. I believe the last is my favorite.

anthonynorth said...

Another fine selection.

Jeeves said...

First one is my choice!!!Simply love this.

Sherri B. said...

Lovely reads...I especially enjoyed the first one! Very visual.

Robin B. said...

I love the word tryst.

Like them all, love the first!

Anonymous said...

There is a subtle theme that entwines
your haiku...three tryst-ful versions, forfeiting nothing.

Anonymous said...

Non-poet, non-haiku person that I am, I blended your three sections into one poem and found entwining, forfeiting, and trysting running the course of one love relationship whether it be trees or persons : )

Catherine Vibert said...

I'm so glad your Haiku is actually Haiku. Thank you for your comment on my entry in the contest. I laughed outloud when I read it, and I totally agree.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Read these the other day and loved them. Had to come back just to tell you (and read them again).

Anonymous said...

never seizes to amaze me how you put these together so perfectly...

PJD said...

Thanks for visiting, y'all. (Robin, I also love the word tryst.)

Angie, clever reply, much appreciated. Sly one, you.

missalister, interesting note. I compose three entirely separate haiku each week, intending them to be standalones. If they create a larger story for you, I am glad, but it was not my intent.

catvibe, if you mean 5-7-5, yes, I am a purist on that point as well, if for no other reason than it really pisses off the haiku literati.

Sarah, two visits for the price of one blog post! I am honored. :-)

Lena said...

I really loved the first one. Beautiful!