January 20, 2009

Funniest Onion Article Ever

Friend Jim posted this link on his Facebook page. Since it was the Onion, I followed. It's probably the funnies Onion article I've ever read, and yes that's saying something significant.

Bush speech in 2001

I normally don't post just links to other places, but this was too good to pass up on inauguration day.


fairyhedgehog said...

That is funny. It's hard to find spoof's of Bush that are funnier than the original.

Catherine Vibert said...

Congrats on your clarity win! Your story made me cry and was inspiring. May all addicts develop such courage to stay away! Looking forward to more of your writing!

JaneyV said...

I have come over to say a hearty congratulations for your CofN win. Totally deserved. Your piece was wonderful ;0)

McKoala said...

Inauguration? Don't you mean PJD Is a Winner Day? Congratulations!

jaz said...

Congratulations on the contest win!!! You deserved it. Amazing piece!

Sarah Laurenson said...

You win, Obama wins, then we all win! Isn't that how it goes?


I love the Onion.