May 8, 2008

Disney wild animal place... there are tigers.

update: I am hating Verizon. vacation update: hot hot hot. Like 90 degrees. Some of the animal park rides were shut down, like the water ride about 1:15 p.m. Crowded, crowded, crowded too, today. But still fun enough.

What's most remarkable about Disney in Orlando (when you're used to Disney in southern California) is how freakin' long it takes to get anywhere. 45 minutes minimum from one park to another, or from the resorts to the park. The only exception was Epcot, which is walkable from the Swan Dolphin.

Travel day home tomorrow. Cub scouts all weekend. Baltimore next week.


JaneyV said...

Your vacation looks great. I'm looking for someone to pay for me to go to Disneyland Fl. I could sit through an hour of crappy unmotivational motivational speaking for that!
Looks like the Verzion gremlins are back!
More beer?

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

It's Friday! Beer is so on my mind too!

Hey the hat is back on! I knew it couldn't last! ;o)

So it sounds like you had a great time. But what are you coming up to Baltimore for?

PJD said...

I'll be in Baltimore for the United Way of America national conference. It's at the convention center; the conference goes Wednesday through Friday, but I will be attending the National Corporate Leadership Council meeting on Tuesday/Wednesday as well.

bluesugarpoet said...

Looks like you had fun there! And you didn't loose one finger while holding a gator. Right?

If a finger is missing, I want to see a picture of that.

Glad you all enjoyed the vacation. Can't wait to read a Disney haiku...

Sandra Cormier said...

Mr. Chumplet and I went to the California park back in the eighties. We stayed at the Marco Polo Motor Hotel. It was great! Practically walking distance to the park, and cheap, too!

I've never been to Florida. Funny, since it seems to have a rather large Canadian population.

Blogless Troll said...

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