May 29, 2008

The astonishing feet of Brian McBride

This from today's Contra Costa Times, my local newspaper (scroll down in the linked article for the item; emphasis in the excerpt is mine):

Striker Brian McBride, 35, is leaving Fulham after 412 years to return to the United States, the English Premier League club said.
I had no idea McBride had played at Fulham since the late 1600s.

This rivals my favorite typo from this paper. Several years ago, when the 49ers had a day off, the paper quoted player Andre Carter as saying that his plans were just to "sit on the coach all day." See if you can spot the typo.

Generally, the CC Times has good local sports coverage. Their feature profiles of local college athletes really are quite good. It's the editing that's sorely lacking in quality. I suppose that's life on a short deadline.


Blogless Troll said...

He should be pretty good by now.

There's no way anyone in the editorial dept read that sentence after it was typed.

Oh, and I spotted it. It's "lay on the coach." Distributes the weight better. That way he won't suffocate.

Robin S. said...

My favorite of the two is the coach one. But it would be, wouldn't it!!!

Hey- Pete. I'm linkin' now. If you'd link back, that would be great!

McKoala said...

We used to live in an apartment virtually next to Craven Cottage, Fulham's home ground. We could tell how the game was going by the volume and tone of the cheering. After the game the pubs around us would fill up with Fulham supporters. It was always better if they won...

bluesugarpoet said...

Thanks for posting this, Peter. It's nice to have something to laugh really hard about in the midst of stress!

JaneyV said...

Maybe he was he guy that New Amsterdam show was based on!