December 31, 2008

haiku wednesday - goodbye 2008 edition

This week's words are

As 2008 leaves, I wish it a hearty farewell and welcome 2009, which many of us hope will bring change. Not just spare change, though some people that used to dole it out yesterday are today asking for it (like certain banks). I hope bone is enjoying retirement and thomg is enjoying being the 3WW czar now. I think there was another change in management that was pretty significant in 2008-9, but it slips my mind right now. Maybe some African country like Kenya? Oh well. Whatever. Haiku time!

a candle's glimmer
I wish it still burned as bright
Joan, your passion shone

(I feel it's important here to note that all my haiku are unrelated. The two below do not have any connection whatsoever to the one above.)

hope's glimmer stomped out
your wish: keep them closeted!
religious passion

I peer through the blinds
glimmer of your bedroom light
a wish of passion


Sarah Laurenson said...

Ah, Pete. Gonna make me cry out 2008. Beautiful first one. So much so that I couldn't really read the others. Great job!

My mom and I were talking about reincarnation today. Gives me hope that our loved ones will come back and live life again.

Anonymous said...

eenie, meenie...
I think I'll pick "I peer through the blinds."

Though, if he were hiding in the closet...watching the candle's glimmer...
Ah, well--best to "stomp" that thread out!

Nice haiku-ing!

JaneyV said...

Happy New Year Pete. Here's to another year of great poetry

PJD said...

Thanks, Sarah. I saw those words and immediately thought of Joan. Reincarnation is something that intrigues me as a neat idea.

angie, glad you liked that one... but no, when I was thinking these up the last two were unrelated as well. :-)

jane, nice of you to stop by! See you around in 2009.

ThomG said...

As always, I like them all. I'm glad you've taken the time to write for 3WW and hope you're continue in 2009.

Anonymous said...

love the first one, what sweet ode to Joan

Melody said...

Nice work on all three haikus. Beautiful tribute to a dear friend taken away way too soon, but it sounds like she will live on through the incredible work she accomplished throughout her short life. Wishing you Happy New Year!

Linda Jacobs said...

I'm always so amazed at how you manage to keep the different haiku so fresh!

I also love your tribute to Joan. The bridge metaphor is perfect!

Tumblewords: said...

A lovely tribute - with words like these and thoughts, too, she does live on.
You write such wonderful haiku - always feels deep yet spontaneous...
I, too, welcome 2009!

Anonymous said...

Your haiku outshine, as always!

Have a great creative year 2009!

packets of love

And please do visit the Poetry Train being run each Monday!

PJD said...

ThomG, thanks again for keeping it alive. I have a lot of fun with it and have been impressed with some of the recent offerings from others. There seems to be a growing cinquain movement...

lissa, thanks. Nice to see you again!

mgirl: yes, Joan accomplished far more in her shortened life than many people come close to in twice that long.

Linda J, freshness is my one real skill, I think. It's like working with leftovers... all you need is a clever spin to make them something "new"...

tumblewords: here's to reading a lot of each other's 3WW in 2009!

gautami, thanks for the link to the poetry train. I may or may not make it over there, but I will if I can.

Anonymous said...

I like the last one best!