May 28, 2008

haiku wednesday - May 28, 2008

This week's words are

title dream destroyed
illegal touch lost the match
ref's vision was blurred

illegal campfire
judgment blurred by alcohol
just one match caused this?

hold on there, missy
your eyes don't match blurred photo
illegal I.D.


Anonymous said...

All are different, good and the first two very sad. The third--underage is underage

Lucy said...

excellent! I really liked the last! :))

Anonymous said...

All so different! How do you do it?

slaves to whom?

anthonynorth said...

Three very different views there. Excellent.

TC said...

The one about the ref had me remembering long-since forgotten cheers...

Anonymous said... is sad that one's life could change over blurred visions and fuzzy judgment... false id...we've all tried that one haven't we...