May 14, 2008

haiku wednesday - May 14, 2008

This week's words are

note: according to, the word "average" has two or three syllables. I use the two-syllable pronunciation. With that in mind, here are my weekly Wednesday haiku with the words provided by bone. (Thanks, bone!)

crane my neck to see
I can't read his chicken scratch
one more average grade

red neck, white tank top
belch, scratch privates, snort, grunt, wink
just your average man

fingernails scratch neck
it must have been great for you
no, it was average


paisley said...

you created some very realistic caricatures here today... i think i am related to the second one......

Anonymous said...

Your haiku always hit the nail on the head!

lost to taxeszewdu

Sarah Laurenson said...

Very fun. I like these.

Anonymous said...

I love the third

Anonymous said...

The 2nd made me laugh and gloat (because I don't do/have all of these things, just a few), the 3rd one is my favorite because it's suggestive of a story.

Pirate Princess said...

LOL - very fun to read!

WriterKat said...

The 2nd is hilarious!! Great job!

Daily Panic said...

Great haiku's. I agree with Paisley- I married the second one - minus the tank top.

PJD said...

Thanks, everyone! It's late, but I'll try to drop by your 3WWs to see what else came from bone's words this week.

Linda Jacobs said...

These are a riot! As a teacher that first one spoke to me but the other two tickled my funny bone.

TC said...

ROFL at the second two. Those were hilarious.

San said...

haha. wow. the things you can convey in just three lines. :)

i didnt really understand the first. (oops!)

but the 2nd and 3rd were hilarious!! :)