January 17, 2006

a "writing" group

I love my new writing group. I've attended three meetings for a total of five hours now, and we've spent approximately thirty minutes writing. But we talk a lot. Which is kind of a different experience for me. The only downside to this writing group is that it occurs once a week during prime soccer-playing time.

The group consists of sevenish people (five to seven usually), and I happen to be the only man. Which is OK with me. The ages of the women range from the indescribably young (she really is turning 29 next month) to the world-weary (fifties, I think), but all are kind and interesting and fun. This is not a diverse group--all educated, white, suburban people. We meet at a coffee shop (not Starbucks) in what might be the wealthiest, whitest town in the east bay. I come in from Walnut Creek and can feel the whiteness of this mall, that's how nondiverse it is.

Anyway, I'm glad I've found this group. While I may not have written much in my 5 hours of meeting with them, I have gained inspiration and momentum and comeraderie and have managed to write about 10,000 words more than I probably would have if I weren't hooked in with them.

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