January 4, 2006

Soccer really IS exciting!

This just in: Soccer is more exciting than baseball!

Although this scientific study definitely fits into Mark Twain's "lies, damn lies, and statistics" category, in my personal experience there is virtually nothing exciting about baseball except that home run that bounced off Jose Canseco's head. The only reason baseball is our national pasttime is that it offers more opportunities per minute of action to retrieve more beer from the fridge or to visit the restroom. You're virtually guaranteed not to miss any action.

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Unknown said...

Murphy's Law comes into play, and you're guaranteed to miss the one bit of action during the whole game while you're up getting a beer or getting rid of one.

I remember years ago at Geoworks (may have even still been Berkeley Softworks at that point), we took Florian (the guy who distributed Commodore GEOS in Germany) to a Giants game. Hard enough to explain the arcane rules of baseball to someone who's never seen the game, but the only run scored in the whole game was on a sacrifice fly.

At least we saw the run scored, but 1-0 rarely makes for an exciting baseball game. 1-0 can be an enormously exciting soccer match, though.