January 15, 2006

it defies categorization

I just saw a commercial saying that Cadillac won some award for the #1 luxury SUV this year.

God bless America. We have an entire category for luxury sport utility. Is it for work? Yes! Is it for sport? Yes! Is it luxurious? Yes! The only thing that makes this sweeter is that it's a Cadillac, a brand traditionally known for its reliable and sturdy trucks.

God bless America. Yesterday I saw a commercial for the Chevy Tahoe. One of its new features is a rear-view video camera. Yes! It's so large that you can't reliably use mirrors or the rear windows to see behind you, so you have to drive by video game!

God bless America. Two separate studies released recently by independent organizations estimate that the true cost of the Iraq war will be between $900 billion and $2 trillion dollars. The authors of both have been detained at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility for jeopardizing American national security by publishing the studies.

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