November 13, 2005

Textbook Disclaimer Stickers

Some of these textbook disclaimer stickers [PDF] are difficult to believe. I recommend you read them all before judging them.

And thanks to the wonders of TV advertising, I just learned that my life could be drastically improved if I had a car that could sense raindrops and automatically turn on my windshield wipers. I suppose that's designed for the people who are putting on mascara, drinking hot coffee, talking on the phone, and handing things to their small children in the back seat. Who has time to turn on windshield wipers? Come to think of it, who has time to look out the windshield anyway?


Jane D. said...

The 2nd time I wrecked the silver bullet (the car not the vibrator) my insurance sprung (sprang?) for one of those cars with the auto wipers and it was wonderful. Certain people can attest to the fact that when you are driving with me in the rain it would indeed be nice. It as nothing to do with mascara or coffee...I am just super neurotic about the speed of the wipers and the speed of the rain - I don't like any sort of noise like when the window gets too dry because the wipers are just a little too fast. Some people don't like leaves on their grass - I don't like squeeky wipers.

PJD said...

Squeeky Wipers would be a good name for a punk band.

bluesugarpoet said...

Leaves of Grass. That would make a good book title. Oh yeah, it is.

I like the sound of the name "Squeeky Wipers." And for a Heavy Metal band, it could be "Squeeky Vipers."

Speaking of the wipers, those darn things would never turn off up here.