November 9, 2005

Lonely Haiku

No comments in days.
What does a guy have to do?
Get a nose piercing?


bluesugarpoet said...

autumn work is slow;
no-comment blog friends side-tracked
you are still much loved

bluesugarpoet said...

but would you really get something pierced? That'd be cool!

PJD said...

I got my ear pierced in college. I wore a stud and even had a very nice diamond that was given to me by a uh... "girlfriend" I guess you'd say. (Friend with benefits?) Anyway, I found that my ear kept getting infected, and then I got a job on a secret military project right out of school (B2 bomber), and so I just let it close over. Although I do like delicate nose studs like yours on women, BSP, I can't think of what I'd get pierced. Maybe a nipple ring.

I do, however, have a tattoo, and I would like to get another as soon as I can get my better half to agree to it.

PJD said...

thanks for your haiku
it brightens my day no end
now I have comments


bluesugarpoet said...

I see the piercing location dilemma. the tongue, perhaps?

what is the tattoo of, and where is the location?

if my man wanted to get a tattoo, i would say "yes!" in a heartbeat!

PJD said...

Posted my tattoo on cornerkick. Couldn't link the image in a comment.

While at the hotel during my recent business trip to San Antonio, I caught a show on cable called "Miami Ink" about a tattoo parlor. Fascinating stuff. I especially liked the story of a heavily tatooed rocker gone straight who brought his 7-year-old son in with him. The guy wanted his son's name tattooed over his heart. The good part was that he had the kid use a sharpie to write his own name right on his dad's skin, then the tattoo artist traced over it. So he had his own son's handwritten name right there for the rest of his life.

That's cool.

bluesugarpoet said...

That is awesome - just hearing that story touched my heart!