November 10, 2005

Nano Nano

Last Thursday I went to my first NaNoWriMo "write-in" at a local cafe. I was only slightly disappointed to have it be just me and the local coordinator--I was hoping for more people, but I was happy that the coordinator was an attractive, charming, interesting young woman. We both got a tremendous amount of writing done.

Tonight's write-in at the same location was also good: Ten writers showed up. I got less written because there was more chatting, but they were all nice people. I am hoping some subset of us form an ongoing writing group. I am very near 20,000 words now (somewhere near 19,700), and that is right on track for meeting my personal goal of 60,000 for the month.

If any of my regular readers (I think there are three of you) or any lurkers (yeah, right) want to read either my work in progress or the first draft of last year's novel, I would be happy to share.

You'll laugh; you'll cry. They're better than "Cats."


Jane D. said...

I am ready for book 2.

bluesugarpoet said...

bring it on! I want to be wowed by something better than cats!

PJD said...

That would be "Cats" with a capital C.

Anyway, I will post my novels on line in a private area this weekend and will grant you both access. Gracie, I know I have your email address, but I don't think I have BSP's. Can you forward, or pass mine along to her? I'd rather not be posting email addresses here. Not that anyone besides you looks at it.

And thank you... I would be truly honored to share my work with you both.

Unknown said...

"It's better than Cats. I'll read it again and again." I'd love to read it.