October 28, 2008

Three dollars... really?

Since I took note when gas here rose above $4 a gallon, I am officially taking note that it's dropped to about $3 a gallon here. I simply don't understand.

Oh, and because I haven't said it in a long while: 4,188 and counting. Though it appears the surge is working because US military deaths in Iraq currently stand at about 280 for this year; simple extrapolation would put the year's total at under 400, which is less than half the annual average for 2004 through 2007.


JaneyV said...

Oil prices are dropping here too but the gas and energy providers are still keeping their rates up as we head into winter. There is real concern at the number of vulnerable people living in fuel poverty (People are fuel poor if they are spending at least 10% of their income on energy and the 'vulnerable' fuel poor include pensioners, low income families with young children and people with a disability or long term illness. - Source: BBC News Online) is at an all time high. I don't know about you but I'm getting tired of the stranglehold that oil-producers have over the lives of the common (hu)man.

Your reminder of the war deaths is both timely and sad. I hope that November 4th will give us a World Leader who is not afraid to bring about an end the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

PJD said...

Fuel poverty... when gas got to $4.50 a gallon here, my father said he expected his fuel oil for heating his house over the winter (no, he does not live in California!) would possibly top $10,000. Is that not ridiculous? Last time I talked to him, he was chopping wood for the fireplace.