October 22, 2008

haiku wednesday - October 22, 2008

This week's words are

thomg, who has a blog called "surface tension," has revived Three Word Wednesday. I am a big fan of ThomG's very short and well written 3WW posts, and I'm thrilled he's got it going again. 3WW may be the only "writing" I do in 2009 as work looks to be wildly busy (in a good way). By the way, since dictionary.reference.com says "difference" can have two or three syllables, I'm picking the two syllable version. (In the same sense that American can have two or four syllables, as in "Proud to be a real mur-kin, not some liberal pinko.")

PS: It's worth noting that all my haiku come from a place of fiction primarily. So that last one below? NOT my personal view. Quite the opposite.

you said, "no difference"
now you can suffer alone
my heart does not ache

suffer through math class
is "difference" add or subtract?
my eyes ache, head burns

you ache to fit in?
your difference makes me retch, fag
you'll suffer in hell


Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

Glad that you're back and writing haiku again. I hope my word choices cause you great creativity.

poefusion said...

Hello PJD~ Love that second haiku. I hated math class and still don't care for math these days either. Your third haiku is a bit harder on my eyes though. I am glad you wrote that this isn't your true view because I think people should try and encompass someone's differences. Or, at the very least, try to learn something they didn't already know. You may delete my comment if you see fit. It is not my intention to upset you. Have a nice day.

Good to hear work is keeping you busy especially with today's fixated problems.

PJD said...

I look forward to future words, TG!

Michelle, thank you for your thoughts. I try not to delete comments unless they're spam. My intention with the third one was to make it hard to read, to inspire anger at the speaker. My personal view is much more encompassed by this post I made just the other day.

Tumblewords: said...

Good to read you again!

Lucy said...

it wasn't Only me who suffered through math class??
great haiku's again!

Anonymous said...

don't care much for math so the second haiku seem to be something I might write

as for the last haiku: if writing doesn't provoke anyone, why write at all?

Anonymous said...

When I read 3ww was closing I closed with it and had been gone since! I am so grateful to Thomg for keeping it up and now I'm back - and I can't believe HOW much I MISSED your haikus!!!! felt like coming around the bend and seeing an ol' friend - and as usual you got me with all three! On an other note - thanks fro reminding people about fiction - my work all is and its hard when readers assume its all biographical!

~willow~ said...

hola! so *this* is where you've gone.. missed ya at [fiction] Friday (although I'm only recently re-emerged from silence myself...)

I like how each haiku took us in totally different directions.

random aside: I enjoy math, but numbers in general are meaningless to me.

Robin B. said...

Glad the haikus are back!

Good ones, Pete.

anthonynorth said...

Haven't read you for a while. Still as good as ever.

bluesugarpoet said...

Oooo - very daring to put yourself into someone else's shoes for that last haiku. Although it's kind of hilarious to read anything like that on your blog!

feasting once again
at peter's haiku banquet.
leaving satisfied