July 9, 2008

haiku wednesday - july 9, 2008

This week's words are

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ethan, who turns 12 years old today. Bone, you made it tough on us haikuers today... nine out of 17 syllables already accounted for, and a five-syllable word, too! And to all this week's participants: I apologize in advance if I don't get round to your sites this week. It's a wicked busy time at work. Plus, it's ETHAN'S BIRTHDAY!

order to "work late"
inappropriate touching
shortcut to lawsuit

order salvation
inappropriate credit
no heaven shortcut

this shortcut sucks, dude
inappropriate for bikes
order me new tires


anthonynorth said...

Loved the first one. Funny.

Anonymous said...

The first is funny but I liked the second

Happy birthday Ethan!!! Being a Cancer is great as that means you have your birthday in true summer

Robin S. said...

My favorite this time - the third one. Ha!

And Happy Birthday Ethan!!!

Tammy Brierly said...

Enjoyed all three! How's the smoke?

HB to Ethan. :)

Lucy said...

Happy 12th B.D. to your son! Love all 3 Haikus but the first was killer!!
Are you a firefighter?? In CA?? hope you're careful out there. :)

Anonymous said...

YYEYAY! FOR BIRTHDAYS and fathers who celebrate them!!!!
I think you're the best Haiku-er I have ever read!!! (Can't tell you how many I've read, but it doesn't matter - you're certainly the best!)

I enjoyed all three too!

TC said...

Happy birthday, Ethan! :)

The third one made me laugh: it was perfect.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Love the snappy tensions mixed with dry humour in all 3 haikus! Great!