November 9, 2005


My tattoo is relatively inconspicuous. It is on my left calf, only about two inches tall and an inch and a half wide. That's it, over there, on the right.

What is it? Norse runes. Three separate runes, superimposed onto each other. I won't say I'm any expert on the subject, but google is a wondrous thing, and you can learn the basics pretty quickly. The three runes have the following meanings:

  • The first represents bravery, energy, passion, and victory;
  • The second represents health, wealth, and happiness;
  • The third represents harvest, eventual success, and the cycle of life.
As a gestalt symbol, to me it represents the idea of eventual success in all endeavors through a trusting in the cycles of life and the natural order, a trusting in one's own bravery and internal fortitude, and a focus on spiritual health (not in terms of religious study but in terms of personal spirit).

I have never regretted for one second getting it, and I find myself wearing shorts more often to show it off. I often forget I have it, but it does help me focus sometimes when I think about the meaning.

Update, several years later: I should have added an actual photo at the time.


bluesugarpoet said...

cool tatt! i like the meanings behind the symbols. I've often thought of getting something Celtic - it's a heritage thing.

Selene said...

I had no idea - I feel bad I never asked what it was about. Very cool. I already thought you were very cool - but you just upped the ante on cool.