November 10, 2005

I have nearly perfect teeth

The dentist told me so today. She's a new dentist and was amazed at the quality of my choppers. I think if she wasn't married she would have taken me right there on the spot, so enamored of my pearly whites was she.

But maybe she says that to all the boys.


bluesugarpoet said...

Really? Right there in the office she would have ravished you? Didn't I see that on an episode of Seinfeld - only it was with the dentist and his dental assistant on loan?

You know that Gracie is an anti-dentite.

PJD said...

I had an Auntie Dentite. She died in a tragic industrial accident at the Fix-o-dent factory.

And no, my dentist probably would not have ravished me right there in the office. She had another patient waiting. Dentists don't get into the profession for love; they get into it for the money.

Jane D. said...

So I hate dentists! What's it to you?