August 19, 2013

Nine years of blogging

Let's set the wayback machine for 2004.

Like John McCain would do eight years later, John Kerry was in the middle of blowing what his party thought was a sure victory against a vile, evil, incompetent opponent driving the country to ruin.

Cal football was ranked #4 in the country yet denied a Rose Bowl bid because Mack Brown whined and begged on TV like a spoiled little girl, convincing voters (just like another Texas governor) to pick him instead of doing what was right.

My children were 8 and 5 years old, and I had been with my current employer only about two years. And I composed my first blog post on August 19.

Of the 32 posts I published that year, 12 were about college football and nearly all the others were about the Bush v Kerry election.

Since then, it looks like in most years I average about one post a week, peaking in 2008 with four posts a week, or more than one every other day.

So much has happened in that time. That 8 year old can now drive. We've been to England, France, Nepal, Hawaii, and several other states and national parks. I signed up and later resigned as a Boy Scout leader. Several friends and family have passed away. I published my two novels and several short stories, worked at six writers conferences, made countless online friends. Twitter and Facebook came to be. The iPhone was invented.

I wish I had more time today to reflect on all that's happened in the last nine years. I know I won't be rereading all my old posts, at least not any of the political rants. But maybe I'll take a break from work later today and browse through some of them. Especially the ones with pictures of the kids.


Precie said...

Happy anniversary!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Congrats on your staying power!

I do have one small request though. "Like a spoiled little girl"? Why girl? Isn't a spoiled little boy more accurate?

And yes I'm on a crusade to change the way we language weakness.

PJD said...

Precie, thank you!

Sarah, thank you. (in my defense, I was talking about Texas football at the time, so really I was just speaking their language.)

fairyhedgehog said...

Is it really nine years? Congratulations on sticking with the blogging at a rate I can only envy!

And what great pictures of your kids.