August 24, 2013

If you're gonna read it, comment on it

In this world of "favorite" and "like" buttons, we can easily click once on twitter or facebook to let the author know we saw what they wrote. It's so easy, often we "like" something we see without even reading it. How lame is that?

Blog posts, however, have more words. Some have pictures. They take way more effort to read than a tweet. Yet people come here and read the posts, then wander off without letting me know they did. My last post about my admiration for the US Women's soccer team had 30 page views the day I posted it, yet it still has zero comments.

I try to comment on every blog post I actually read. Yes, it takes a few more seconds to say something other than "great post," but what I say is less important than the fact that I say something. I want to get credit for reading your 3,200 word rant about the subtle disrespect that turnips get in the Utah Thanksgiving celebration.

And I would love to know that you saw my post about Jocko the Walrus or my 13 favorite Disneyland memories. Or this one.

Ethan says, "Great post, Dad!"


Sarah Laurenson said...

But you leave me speechless most of the time.

PJD said...

You are such a smartass, Sarah. :-)

Unknown said...

Better than a dumb... :-)

More to the point, when viewing the blog via (i.e., with that toolbar), then clicking on the 'comments' link does nothing. Not saying that every reader didn't comment because of that, but quite possible that some did.

lahosken said...

what when i type the letters they appear in this box help i am not good with computer

PJD said...

Larry, just keep trying. One day you'll get it.

Gene, interesting. I've had some people say they can't comment... must be the networkedblogs wrapper. Hmm. Might have to just turn that off and do it manually.

fairyhedgehog said...

*shameface* I don't finish reading every blog post that I start to read. I get dis- ooh, shiny!

Lovely baby picture there!

Unknown said...

And almost forgot:


PJD said...

Hedgie, I understand that. I don't comment on blog posts I don't read, either. :-)

Gene, right on. :)