August 19, 2012

Summer #reading contest results and $154.56 donation to the #library! (blog post)

Back at the beginning of the summer, I announced two contests and my intent to donate all my royalties from sales of Semper to my library's summer reading program. Well, here are the results of all that. First, let's start with the sales and donation.

I started with $20 to donate from the author reading I did back in May. Then, from June 9 through August 18 I kept track of sales in-person and through Amazon. I am not including free downloads (a few thousand) during that period since, well, they generate $0 in royalties. Thus, no donations.

Sales in June

Semper e-book sales (US)19 copies$32.64
Semper e-book sales (other)0 copies$0.00
Semper print sales5 copies$13.58
Total24 copies$46.22

Sales in July
Semper e-book sales (US)24 copies$46.98
Semper e-book sales (other)1 copy$1.33
Semper print sales4 copies$15.88
Total29 copies$64.19

Sales from August 1 through August 18
Semper e-book sales (US)6 copies$12.24
Semper e-book sales (other)0 copies$0.00
Semper print sales3 copies$11.91
Total9 copies$24.15

Thus, my total donation during the summer reading program period is $20 + $46.22 + $64.19 + 24.15 = $154.56. Frankly, that's more than I expected. Thanks to everyone who purchased a copy of Semper during that time. Our libraries can definitely use the extra money.

The Contests
My big lesson from these contests was that unless you have a lot of time and energy to invest in promoting a contest, they're useless. Pointless. People won't enter. And they didn't.

So, after much deliberation and analysis of the entries, I have determined that eager entrant Dana wins one of the two prize packages I offered. Dana, look for an email from me to the email address you provided. Congratulations!

For the record, the new back-cover copy for Semper that Dana wrote is this (verbatim, with some semi-spoilers that probably won't ruin the plot for new readers):

At the ripe age of sixteen fate seizes Dane Semper's Son, and thrusts him into an adventure that will shatter all the unquestioned simplicities of his childhood. In the lush forests of his home, myth collides with reality right in front Dane, forcing him to question everything he thinks he knows. On the raw cusp of early manhood, Dane must learn to think for himself as he faces his father's death, choosing a wife, and the usurpation of his birth right. In unplanned defiance of his ruthless uncle a bold choice sends Dane and his new wife into exile. Cast out from the people he was meant to lead they must fight to survive in the war-scorched wasteland of The Radiation. Wondering if he can ever return home again, will Dane dare to discover within himself if he has what it takes to make things right?
Thank you, Dana!

One final note: Semper is temporarily discounted to 99 cents at Amazon for the Kindle edition. Let people know now is the time to get it. This price will be up only about a week.

Okay, another final note: I'm still hoping to get the sequel out in late Q4 of this year. Stay tuned.

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