August 22, 2012

rules of the blog - thank you for complying

Since my readership has gone up recently (according to the analytics, not the comments), and since this blog just turned 8 years old, I figured it was time to institute a few new rules. Please, readers, when you visit this blog, observe these rules and the other rules I've posted in the past.

Especially be aware that while I welcome trailers (particularly movie and book trailers), this blog does not have sufficient facilities to accommodate the larger ones.

Make sure to follow all instructions when operating heavy machinery while on the blog.

And perhaps most important of all, a rule that should be self-evident.


Anonymous said...

I want a smooching rule.

PJD said...

Smooching is unregulated here.

Precie said...

Happy blog anniversary, pjd.

Wow, we're all getting old.

PJD said...

Correction: I'm getting old. For you, it's just your blog apparently.