August 20, 2012

I am worried about my blog traffic sources.

I looked at my analytics this morning by accident, and I stumbled upon my "traffic sources" stats. Check out the diversity of search terms that brought people to my blog recently:

  • porn star
  • cicolina italy
  • pedophile map
  • anatomy of the inner elbow
  • april knight porn star
  • cicciolina today
  • cicolina italia
  • died in nepal bus
  • friday porn star
  • rural nepal
I get the Nepal stuff. And the elbow. The others, however, especially taken as a whole, trouble me a little. Is my blog really coming up in searches on those terms? I wonder why.

But is that better or worse then the days, four years ago, when searches for "hayden christensen porn" and "hayden christensen hair" brought people to my site?

Speaking of four years ago, apparently August 19th was the eight-year anniversary of my very first ever blog post. This one will be my 880th post since I started. Happy birthday to Corner Kick!


Travis Erwin said...

Wow 8 years. I've only been at it 5. though i do have 892 posts not including the 30 or 40 I've deleted over the years.


PJD said...

You've been far more prolific than I. But then, you have more to say. Some might tell me that 800 or more of my posts really could have been unwritten, and the world would not have been diminished for it.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Ah, but it will be a different 800 for everyone; therefore, the sum total is needed to make everyone happy. Audiences are sooooo fickle.

Happy Blogiversary! <:o)

PJD said...

LOL, that's true, Phoenix.

Robin B. said...

Congrats on your blog b'day, Peter!

Terri Bruce said...

ROFL!! OMG, those search terms are hysterical - I'm jealous! I don't get traffic from anything close to that colorful :-)

Congrats on the blog b-day!