June 8, 2011

haiku wednesday - the hotel room edition

This week's words are alter, fond, tranquil
I love these words. Though I'd love altar, fondle, and trank more. As in, "Trank out, Bishop, there's one behind the altar you can fondle." OK, yeah, I need to switch to decaf. I get it.

tranquil full-moon's light
can deeply alter one's mood
you're fond of werewolves?

fond of scented soaps
she longs for tranquil moments
to alter time's rush

fond of foolishness
alter your attitude, child
be tranquil, wild wind


VL Sheridan said...

Why yes, thank you, I am a fan of werewolves. Really great haikus.

andy sewina said...

Trank out Bishop! I like that.

Cool three!!

Sheilagh Lee said...

wonderful all three

Christine Gail said...

lovely haikus, i enjoyed all three

Anonymous said...

These are all wonderful =)

Anonymous said...

Lovely and playful...Enjoyed. You seem rather naughty.

ThomG said...

Glad you're back at it for 3WW's sake. Like all four, but I'm going with werewolves as my favorite.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

All were good. I'm trying to pick a favorite haiku, but I can't. :)

fairyhedgehog said...

I like what you did with your own choice of words best of all!

Jess PJ said...

the first was funny, the second sweet, and the third cute

PJD said...

VL Sheridan, glad you like werewolves. Keep a weather eye.

Andy Sewina: Thanks! I may start saying "Trank out, Bishop" whenever my friends start acting nervous.

Fear Not--Thank you!

Christine Gail, I will take "lovely" any time. Thanks!

mindlovemisery, I'll also take "wonderful" any time. :)

creativeintrospection: naughty? don't believe the rumors! not because they're not true, though.

Thom, thanks! Wish I could make the rounds more often. There's some good work out there.

Madeleine: it's OK, haiku are like children: you don't have to pick a favorite.

Hedgie, LOL I thought you might like that one best!

JessP, you delight me with your comment. I think perhaps these three haiku represent me in toto: funny, sweet, cute. :)

PJD said...

By the way, I tried to get out to all of your entries and comment, but I may have missed one or two. If I did, please comment again and I'll go see!

Anonymous said...

Scary/funny, then soulful, then scolding. Loved them all! You have that knack for haiku, Peter. Thanks, Amy
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