June 1, 2011

haiku wednesday - the it's june? wtf? edition

This week's words are erratic, luminous, omen
It's June. WTF? It's June? Already? But it rained today. By now our hills are supposed to be brown and dry as shredded wheat. The big ones your grandfather ate, without any frosting. Anyway. How am I supposed to do three haiku when eight of my 17 syllables are already used up?

erratic flight paths
luminous buzzing, loud zaps
bad omen for bugs

the luminous minds
ponder erratic omens
see different futures

we ignored omens
erratic economies
our luminous dreams


Sheilagh Lee said...

three wonderfully done haikus Bravo!

Jae Rose said...

I know..when you get old like shredded wheat the middle of the year comes all too quickly..wonderful ponderings as always..jae

earlybird said...

Clever reflections.

Mike Patrick said...

Nicely penned X 3. Perfect usage.

rmpWritings said...

lovely set of haiku...even with almost half of your syllables taken up by the given words...the first m axe me laugh.

Amity said...

it would be nice if we could predict erratic future and bad omens to safeguard us from future harm...but life is like that...:) nice thoughts!


Anonymous said...

These are all fabulous haikus the middle is my favorite =)