May 9, 2010

Beer! Brewing! Need a name and label!

In keeping with my new years resolutions for 2010, I brewed a new batch of beer yesterday.  It's an Irish Red Ale, which they say is a lot like a Scotch ale but not quite so Scottish.

I had to start by buying a new stopper and air lock because I broke the old one with the last batch.  Turns out if that rubber stoppers get hard and dry as they get old, and if you push too hard, they actually slip down into the carboy.  We managed to work it out, but we broke the airlock during bottling.  So anyway, with the new equipment in place and a fresh ingredient kit from Beer, Beer, & More Beer, we brewed.

The beer looks great.  It now ferments and settles for two weeks, then I'll bottle it.  Two weeks later, just days before the opening game of the World Cup, it will be ready to drink.

The only problem is, I need a name and a label for it.  Normally I'd do this myself, but I'm turning to you, all my friends, to do it for me.  This is probably as close to a blog contest as I'll ever come, so you better jump on this opportunity before it expires.

The task:  Name the beer and create a label that can be printed on Avery 5264 labels, which are a great size for both the 22 ounce and the 12 ounce bottles.  These are 3-1/3" by 4" with rounded corners, and you need to be aware that I am not very good at printing bleeds unless you also provide me a six-up version that can be printed on my Mac Mini.

The context:  This beer will be consumed mostly in a hot tub with the World Cup on the big screen.  Some will be given away to friends, probably.  Children may be present, so no X rated labels.  (Actually, feel free to send X-rated labels.  I just won't pick them as winners.)

Submissions:  Email the name and artwork to me at, no later than May 23, 2010.

The prize:  I dunno.  Maybe, like, I'll say thank you.  And you'll get the thrill of having your work displayed on beer bottles in my home.


Unknown said...

Pushed into the carboy? Why does that sound familiar? Oh, right -- I helped :-) Which reminds me, I have some empties to return to you from the last batch.

jjdebenedictis said...

Dudley's Old Peculiar

Gassy Goldstock

Brokedown Carboy

The Scarlet Wetter

World Cup Tears

Hot Tub Hops I have to come up with artwork? Mkay. That'll be harder.

PJD said...

Gene: Thanks for the emailed label. You are right. You did not give much credence to FIFA's trademarks.

JJ: Some of these I love, others... have a loveliness that I don't fully appreciate. Given your expert work with the Koala, I'm hoping you do take a stab at a label. Or two.

I do so dearly love Dudley's Old Peculiar. All it needs is an and in between the second and third words.

jjdebenedictis said...

The name came from a Terry Pratchett book that makes reference to a beer named "Winkle's Old Peculiar".

But I like "Dudley's Old & Peculiar", too. You can't tell whether the 's is mean to be possessive or a contraction... }:-)

The image should be in your inbox now.

Blogless Troll said...

I'd drink Dudley's Old & Peculiar if it's a contraction of "Dudley is." Probably not if it's possessive.