September 23, 2009

haiku wednesday - September 23, 2009

This week's words are

Another insane week where I beg your indulgence with nothing offered in return. I apologize, dear friends, but this week I will be unable to make the rounds. I hope that either next week or the week after I will be back to my usual form and once again be able to enjoy all the wonderful 3WW posts you create.

languish on the couch
foot's velocity inspires
butts eclipse TV

velocity girl
does not languish in sad life
she will eclipse fate

sorrows eclipse joy
dampen life's velocity
languish in the past


ThomG said...

Your third offering hit very close to home, dear friend.

Jinksy said...

during an eclipse
velocity of darness
makes shadows languish

Tumblewords: said...

You can't be stopped - your talent just keeps on ticking...wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Liked the 3rd one the best. Thx.

maglomaniac said...

Last one was very deep.
And butt's eclipsing tv is something very true:)


Anya Padyam said...

All three are great; different uses of the same words conveying different meanings,

gautami tripathy said...

I like the velocity of your haiku which seldom eclipse anything or languis!

let my poemlette take you on

lunardancer said...

All of them are lovely. But the third one has the most profound and heartfelt meaning of all.

Robin B. said...

I absolutely love the word languish. And I love #2, too!

Anonymous said...

#2 reminded me of an old song... Velocity Girl, velocity girl... who the heck was that by?
I remember drawing a comic based on that song... hmmm....
The Moment Before Impact

Anonymous said...

Pretty impressed with the Haikus, the 3rd one was my favorite. Enjoyed reading them.