January 27, 2009

Rabbit Hole Day

The southin winds come shiftering
while whistlin' we go walking
among the wildly trepand trees
with branches thick and strocking.

Our path meanders at our feet,
through roots and clathish clay,
and gramley worms caress the leaves
above, this starkling day.

Come now with me to Sparrow Brook,
its feltish water softing,
and sit with me upon its bank
with honeysuckle wafting.

The ice has cracked and melted free
and washed away to sea,
and left this fluorious, fine Spring day
to us--just you and me.


fairyhedgehog said...

What a lovely poem. The amazing thing is that I feel like I understand it.

JaneyV said...

Ditto what FHH said. The feel of the words are enough. This is very beautiful Pete.

Anonymous said...

Um, a beautiful, well-written poem. And this is down the rabbit hole for you....how?

Pete, I like having you for a blog buddy. You up my IQ at least 5 points.

jjdebenedictis said...

I like this! It's totally Lewis Carroll-ish!

And my word verification is "blaterbe", which could definitely fit into a Lewis Carroll-ish poem.

PJD said...

OK, so I finally just reread the Rabbit Hole Day rules, and I realize my post is perhaps not nonsensical enough to fit the bill. But oh well. I kind of like it, which was my point in playing along.

FH and Janey, thank you. The words "lovely" and "beautiful" are always greatly appreciated.

JJdeB: Thank you! My original intent was to try to emulate the great LC. But I should have read some of the poems again before starting.

Aerin... thanks for the compliment... I think? Is this like saying, "I look so much prettier when I'm with you"? As in, "I feel so much smarter when I'm around you"?

Reminds me of an old adage I once heard:
All things are relative.
All relatives are things.
My relatives took all my things.

Robin B. said...

Ooooh, Pete. Love this. Maybe you're Carroll's long lost relative. It could happen!

McKoala said...

I love it, Peter Carroll.

Kinda with Aerin, though - this is one of the few blogs where poetry is a regular feature! Cheater Peter!

Chris Eldin said...

I'm over here to call you a slut, but then I read your beautiful poem and somehow it doesn't feel quite right.
I'll wait until your next post.

Unknown said...

You completely made up a bunch of words! And I got it! Wonderful. I have a proposal for you, and I would have emailed you but see no email. Please email me at cat@catvibe.com and I'll tell you what I have up my sleeve.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Very cool entry into the Rabbit Hole! Jabberwocky is my favorite poem and this may well be my second favorite.