January 25, 2009

New RC plane

Sam bought this aero scout today. It's cool, but the propeller breaks too easily!


JaneyV said...

When the title of this post came up I thought you'd found a plane of existence that exclusive to catholics.

A remote controlled airplane is so much cooler though!

PJD said...

Ha ha! I can't say that RC has ever brought to mind Roman Catholic for me. The electrical engineer in me has always thought of it as radio control.

Beautiful view the back of our elementary school has though, huh?

Turns out that we got about three decent flights and fifteen duds before the second propeller also broke. We need to go online and order replacement propellers (or return to the hobby store to see if they carry them).

Robin B. said...

Your boys are cuties.

And it's cool that they're so involved in interesting things, you good Dad, you!

pacatrue said...

Sounds like fun!

Word verification: scrous. Terrific word. Now I just need to find a meaning for it.

PJD said...

Thanks, Robin! I tried to convince Sam not to buy the plane because I knew he wouldn't get $35 of use out of it before something broke, but he was dead-set on it. I remember being a little boy and simply dying for that kind of thing, whether it worked or not. So in the end I let him, and we had ten minutes of great fun until both propellers broke. I have been realizing lately (as I travel more for work) that they are growing up too fast. I need to spend a little more time with them.

Paca, I'm not going to take a stab at that word. It's all yours!