May 31, 2007

thursday thirteen (#9)

Thirteen haiku for your Thursday enjoyment. As you can see, I tend toward the light verse in favor of the serious, traditional poetry. The ones in purple I wrote while on a business trip a few years ago.
  1. Crowded room, white noise
    Witness my enlightened truth
    Hey, is this thing on?

  2. A haiku I wrote.
    Magnetic poetry rocks.
    Blogging makes it so.

  3. coffee-stained papers
    crumpled on an airplane seat
    haiku from the road

  4. smiling stewardess
    no, I don't wear red makeup
    ink stains... damn pen leaked!

  5. big mac for dinner
    taxi stinks like an ashtray
    how was your flight, sir?

  6. sudden gusts of wind
    sweep across bare, white plateau
    farts in hotel bed

  7. channels mislabled
    Law & Order on AGAIN?!
    I wish I could sleep

  8. empty, hot darkness
    pale voices adrift outside
    one pillow vacant

  9. forty-dollar steak
    worth every penny I spent
    it was your money

  10. when will this day end?
    clock, in slow motion, ticks once
    vacation pending

  11. clear-cut, barren hill
    no more old growth, no new seeds
    receding hairline

  12. sweet, wet, wretched stench
    slime oozes, something sticky
    take out the garbage!
    sweet, wet, wretched stench
    slime oozes, something sticky
    don't elect that guy!

  13. long, smooth cylinder
    two double-A's bring such joy
    plastic submarine
And one more just because hey, it's my blog:
  1. pain, anguish released
    willful fury, cold attack
    pen touches blank page

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MommaBoo said...

Your hakiu are exceptional!

Thanks for sharing your 13!

Happy Thursday!

The Rock Chick said...

You know you are talented when you can make farts in a bed sound good!!! Really liked all the poems expecially the magnetic blogging one!!!

Happy TT!
Jessica The Rock Chick

Raggedy said...

Those were awesome!
Thank you!
Happy TT'ing
Mine is posted