May 16, 2007

Happy #8!

Tonight we go to McCovey's (an overpriced, baseball-themed restaurant here in town) to celebrate Sam's eighth birthday. We're going there because his first grade class made a field trip there a few weeks ago, and he hasn't stopped wheedling us about going back. And he doesn't like baseball any more than I do.

Last night was open house at the school. Ethan's fourth grade teacher is awesome. Not only did he put together a DVD with baby pictures and class photos from the year for Mothers Day, but he had all kinds of stuff set out for the parents to look at. I remember doing open house as a kid and being so proud of all the things I'd written, pictures I'd drawn, projects I'd posted. I saw that same pride and eagerness to please in the kids last night. At times I felt a little impatient about getting out of there (much of the work like the mission report and some writing I'd already seen), but I know how much it means to them to show off what they've learned and done. And I totally get it. And it won't last forever.

Writing update: I revised a few more chapters of "Forced Air" on my trip to DC, but I've stalled again for the moment. Ah, what I wouldn't give for a really good writing group right now to keep my momentum up.

Other update, because it bears repeating: 3,400 and counting.

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Crikey...Sam is 8? Time flies...