May 27, 2005

that's not what I meant...

I know some people are used to having two, three, or more chat windows open with friends. I have only four chat buddies, two of whom literally never log in. Today's DoubleMint moment, though, was when my other two buddies buzzed me at exactly the same instant. Even better, they were both women. And single. (I think they're the only two single women I know, apart from the cantankerous single mom next door.)

Each had her own serious issue to discuss. One is considering a nomadic life, packing up the children into the wagon and heading off in search of... something different, I guess. The other is considering a job switch and wanted some honest feedback on whether her writing was really as good as some of her other friends claim.

While this was not the original implementation I had in mind when first I contemplated two women at the same time, still I was flattered that they both asked for my thoughts. I will say my fingers were flying--I probably maintained 120 words a minute for extended periods. I love this instant message thing; it's probably the only medium where I can get more words into a conversation than two women combined.

What's my point? I have none. This is just pre-holiday-weekend timekilling for me. And another ten minutes of your life squandered.

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