May 1, 2005

"Energy Policy"

Thank god I was too busy with my conference this week to have to listen to more Bush stupidity.

I have a hard time believing that everyone is buying into Bush's "energy policy." It's not an energy policy, it's an economic policy for reducing gas prices, and it amounts to "Hey, let's drill more oil in American territory because that means we'll have to buy less from the Arabs and gas prices could be cheaper in a few years." I don't think he mentioned that this would have the additional benefit of reducing the amount of untouched natural habitat the country owns, thereby reducing the budget of whatever federal agency is in charge of that.

A decent energy policy would answer one question: What is the best way for the country to meet its energy needs over the next 100 years?

The answer to that question is much more complex than, "Drill more and get the Saudis to increase production." It involves significant investment into renewable energy, conservation, and technology; it requires a long-term campaign to change the screw-the-future consumption habits of Americans; it needs to address environmental and geopolitical concerns beyond oil. In essence, the energy policy of the United States should be to eliminate the use of fossil fuels by the year 2200. Can it be done? Certainly, without a doubt. Should it be done? Absolutely.

The "energy policy" put forth by this president is just like everything else he's done; it's a lame joke coated with a fine layer of sugar. It will be well received because this country will gobble up anything as long as it has a dusting of sugar.

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