May 31, 2005

Cal gets snubbed again

The BCS fiasco was bad enough last winter when Cal was cheated out of a Rose Bowl appearance at the 11th hour by unscrupulous Big XII coaches who knew they would get a larger share of the bowl revenues if they voted Texas in and Cal out.

Now the Bears have again been snubbed--this time in baseball. How does a team that has a better overall record, better conference record and higher conference standing get left out of the postseason while a team that performed less well gets invited? The Bears were 34-23 overall and 13-11 in the Pac-10. Stanford, meanwhile, were just 32-23 and 12-12 in the Pac-10. The two teams split the season series, 3 wins each. The Bears had just completed a 2-1 series win over top-10 ranked Arizona on the road. No Pac-10 team with 13 conference wins has been left out of the postseason since the NCAA went to the super-regional format. No Pac-10 team with a .500 conference record has ever been invited.

Until now. The Bears at 13-11 were left out while Stanford at 12-12 were invited.

I just don't get it.

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