August 16, 2015

2006 revisited on the eve of going to college

On Wednesday, our firstborn goes to college for the first time. Huge moment in any parent's life, right? Tonight, our neighbor who is also off to his first year of college came over to catch up for a few minutes.

The boys grew up together, with cowboy Star Wars battles and races around the cul-de-sac and matchbox cars and video nights. But they haven't hung out together in years; in middle school they found separate friends. You know how it is.

But as our neighbor arrived, I remembered that back in 2006 the four boys--this neighbor, another neighbor boy who moved away, and my two kids--put together a time capsule. We didn't bury it, but we did hide it, Indiana Jones-style, in our garage among the tools and boxes of Christmas decorations and other unused things.

Of course I had to have them open it.

Ethan opens the protective plastic bag.
On the front were the names of the boys. The oldest was 11 at the time, and I think Ethan was just nine. Sam was only six, and apparently--according to the note included in the time capsule--he didn't contribute anything to the box because he was "selfish and evil." Later, though (as you can see from the inscription on the box itself), he added a marble.

Sam added the marble later. He wanted credit.
The note details what each boy put in and why. These were their "most treasured possessions," which might be a slight overstatement.

The note, and all the items. Pokemon, pennies, tamigachi, a Sierra Nevada bottlecap (?!?), plastic army men and soldiers... everything dear to a 9 year old boy, I suppose.
I've sealed it back up and put it back in the garage. Some day someone will find it or remember it, and wonder why we bothered to keep it all those years.

It's amazing how kids grow up so quickly. Young men off to college.

My favorite picture of the boys, EVER.


Stephen Parrish said...

When you figger out how to cope with an empty nest, lemme know.

Unknown said...

Spectacular, Peter. Just wonderful.

Whirlochre said...

Best of luck to the little guy.

Son of Whirl makes the same transition soon, but sadly, his time capsule is buried under 6' of concrete below our living room carpet.

I am in no hurry for a trip down memory lane on that one.

Nor do I own a digger.

PJD said...

Steve, I sure will. But don't hold your breath.

Rob, thank you! I've been waiting a long time to see what they put in that box.

Whirl, now I know what to get you for Arbor Day.

Maria Dudley said...

Ok, now I'm crying for real.

PJD said...

No! This is supposed to be a happy occasion!