April 19, 2013

Only seven spots remaining, claim yours now (plus free books)

Forty-three out of 50 spots have been filled already. Only seven remain, so hurry to claim yours now.

Of course I'm talking about how many Amazon reviews my book has. Didn't you know I'm pitifully begging people to post a review at Amazon, pathetically trying to reach 50 reviews before June 26? (That's my birthday, in case you haven't started shopping yet.)

Oh please?
You didn't? Why not? Don't you love me anymore?

Ok. You say you do, but how much do you love me? Five stars? Four stars? I mean, all I want is an honest answer. Surely you can give me that. No, of course you don't owe it to me, and I should know it without you having to say it. But don't you agree that it needs to be said out loud once in a while?


What, you haven't even read it yet? I see. No, of course, I know how busy you've been. And yes, there's been a lot of bad weather. And I know the dog won't walk itself. But what fun is life if you don't take time to read?

What's that? You don't have my books yet? No problem!

You can download both my books--Semper and its sequel, Forsada--for free between May 2nd and May 6. These are Kindle downloads. I know you don't have a Kindle. Neither do I. But I read Kindle books on my iPad, and you can get a Kindle reader for really almost any platform...

Ok, ok. I know. I'm pushing the line. But really, if you really loved me, you'd do just this one little thing for me.

Just click here to write your review now.


Tracy Burns said...

Well I do not have a lot of time for reading but I will be making a trip soon so I am ordering your books as I am sure they will be a good read! THEN I promise to do a review. (It was the sad dog picture that got me!) ;)

PJD said...

Aw, thanks, Tracy! Your kids are probably a little young for this, but maybe they'll like it in a few years.