June 1, 2012

#Summer #Reading programs! Contests! Prizes! Books in a tree!

Our local library has a summer reading festival from June 9 through August 18. Everyone seems to be talking about summer reading lists. Of course, I expect all of you who haven't read Semper yet to add it to your own list. It's a great read for the beach or the pool, but it's even better in a tree. Proof:

My book. Not my kid. Not my tree.

If you don't have a redwood handy, or if you're afraid of heights, try something less challenging to start such as sitting in a chair, or lying on a couch. Consumer warning: feedback from actual readers indicates that opening Semper before bed may result in a serious loss of sleep.

June 9 through August 18 is also the Semper Summer Contest! More details coming June 9 (watch the blog). There will be two ways to win fabulous prizes. Both involve actually reading the book (or doing enough to fake it). Fortunately, since the book will be free on Kindle on June 9 and other days during the summer, you won't have to pay.

On the other hand, I'll be donating my royalties* from ebook and print sales between June 9 and August 18. The winners of the two contests will each receive a $50 Donors Choose gift card to spend on an educational project (among other prizes). I just searched their site and found 817 projects tagged as creative writing and 9,516 for reading.

What's not to like? Read a great book this summer and earn support for your favorite teacher's classroom. (Psst: Tell all the teachers you know about this so they can get the $50 donation when you win!)

Tell everyone you know about this. Heck, tell everyone you don't know, too. Teachers and libraries need money, and I'd love your help in giving them some.

* Up to a total of $1,000 in donations. I'm not made of money, you know. But if I get a ton more sales than I expect, I'll up that limit to something that a reasonable person would be okay with. If you find a reasonable person, call me. No, wait. Just let them be. It is an election year, after all, and reasonable people are very rare and would like a little peace.

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