November 6, 2010

Yet more rules of the blog

With the recent election results and a new conservative mandate, we are experiencing more restrictions and rules on behavior than ever.  Please observe the new rule added to the other rules of the blog.


Sarah Laurenson said...

So - no hands in the toilet? That's good. Kept backing up the system, flooding the bathroom. Do you know how hard it is to get a whole hand through that snaky little pipe?

P.S. Glad we don't have to move out of CA (yet).

jjdebenedictis said...

Don't throw gnomes's diapers in the toilet? Seriously, what kind of creature fits such tiny nappies?

McKoala said...

Goblins. Although the nappy is never big enough to hold the giant quantities of green poop.

Roolz? Koalas Rule!

PJD said...

Sarah, I think hands are the only thing allowed in the toilet, if I'm interpreting the hieroglyphs correctly.

Jen, that's probably a poodle diaper. Hopefully, this picture indicates that while you should not throw poodle diapers in the toilet, it is acceptable to throw the poodle in. Perhaps even encouraged.

Koala: Your roolz trump all.