June 3, 2010

Ducklings Reprise

Remember yesterday?  No, neither do I, usually.  But yesterday we had ducklings.

Today, the mom and the seven wee ones came back.  They came quacking into our front yard.  We're not sure if they came looking for the one injured duckling, or if they were simply terrified out of a neighbor's yard by the gardener's leaf blower.  I prefer to think the latter.  I prefer to think they don't care about the little one that is now on its own at the hospital, never to be reunited with its mama.

Anyway, two new pictures.  I like the second especially.

Mama and ducklings walking on our side path.

Mama and ducklings choosing the perfect
moment for to be photogenic.


Sylvia said...

You've been adopted!

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Ah, but did they go swimming again?

PJD said...

Alas, the ducklings (and the mama) have not returned again. It appears we have not been adopted. (which I am very glad of, actually)

And no, they did not go swimming again. One adventure like that is enough for me!

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

that's so cute!!!

We were at the American Museum of HIstory which has a fountain in front of it. There was a mama duck with 1 duckling swimming in it. The kids did not want to leave it. But it was kind of sad because it was clear that it was a lone survivor.