August 27, 2009

Listen to the author... no, really.

Intro in the podbean. This is a poem. I was going to read some fiction, but I couldn't pull it together in time.

This is part of the Robin's Readings series. All the coolest people on the web are doing it, so I thought I'd tag along. Visit Robin's blog for other links to those playing along.


fairyhedgehog said...

It's a vivid poem although I was distracted by enjoying your voice so much. I love how you say "guillotine".

Sarah Laurenson said...

Um, Ow!

Wonderfully read. Did that really happen? Very vivid!

Robin S. said...

FH and Sarah were right, Pete. This is so very vivid, I felt I was there.

Excellent poem and delivery.

Whirlochre said...

This is great — although I'm guessing it wasn't at the time. Very cinematic, and I picture the 19yo PJD sucking it all in through agog eyeballs. Maybe that's why it's so vivid.