July 29, 2009

haiku wednesday - July 29, 2009

This week's words are

How could I go a full week without even noticing it pass by? The last seven days have been wild. Camping in the Sierras, two presentations to 1,000 people each time, travel across three time zones. And I am chagrined that not only have I failed to visit all y'all in two weeks, but I don't believe I even replied to last week's comments. (I do read them, every one!)

east glows, stars weaken
we patronize coffee shops
darkness dissipates

stocks, markets weaken
darkness, famine, falling sky!
patronize the mall!

sleepless, cold darkness
your words weaken at morning
don't patronize me


anthonynorth said...

Another fine selection. Liked the middle one best.

Americanising Desi said...

truly neat

My 3 WW

Linda Jacobs said...

You are so clever! Once I get a meaning stuck in my head, I can't think of it any other way. Using the three words in three different ways is amazing!

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

all clever and use the words to perfection.

The Path

Bobbie said...

These are great! Enjoyable reads, and great work with the prompt :)

lissa said...

I like the second one, it's fun in a dark but not creepy way

Mark said...

Second one is a keeper.

Anya Padyam said...

Yet again, an awesome trio!

The second, we all know just too well :)

Tumblewords: said...

I agree with Linda - love the versatility! These are, as usual, finely tuned and well done.

quin browne said...

second one made me laugh.

PJD said...

Thanks, y'all! Personally, I like the first one best, but it appears the second is the crowd pleaser. Thanks for stopping by!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I like all of these. The first makes lovely visual, the third...who hasn't been there? And the second made me sigh for the irony that is the consumer mindset. Nice work!

Megha said...

You seem to have a very hectic lifestyle.

I liked the second one. Specially the falling sky..so very true.

April said...

I liked all three. You described 3 very different scenes so well, with so few words (and those same words in different ways).The first one is my favorite.

Jeeves said...

Like all of them

pia said...

I love all the sentiments in the middle one--ironic yet truth--or so I justify buying & renovating a house this year
Yet I think I how icy the third is written. Exactly emulates the haiku

I really wanted to thank you for your amazing comment. I agree people are over medicated yet I couldn't have "thrived" with medication at first.
Kids should never be put on meds like Klonopin but I know many who were for panic attacks. Fortunately their parents knew to take them off it and I'm sorry to muck up your comment space with this

Chris Eldin said...

WOW! Camping in the Sierras!! That sounds entirely awesome!!!!!
Do you have pics?

(Just joking about the East room, but I really don't know who Garrison is.)


Kurt Hendricks said...

Good ones, these. I liked the first the best.

Robin B. said...

OK, I have to say, #3 is my favorite!

Daily Panic said...

You always make these diverse each one unique.

Stan Ski said...

3 difficult words - used skillfully.

Aniket Thakkar said...

I agree with you Pete. I too liked the first one the best.

Though second one strikes a chord. :P

gautami tripathy said...

I liked all.

Vey refreshing!

patronising darkness weakens me

Kill Word Verification

Lucy said...

but isn't the middle haiku the American way of numbing every pain?! haha
great job