December 2, 2008

wellcome, peple with bad speling!

Inspired by OxyJen's recent mention of some celebrity's hair, and lacking anything more interesting to say, I decided it was time to revisit the ol' blog stats!

First of all, this is my 612th post, though my stats say 611 because like some newbie I overwrote one with another when trying to post anew last week. Oh, whatever. Anyway, I can't think of anything else I've done 612 times except necessary biological functions. But probably I'm just not thinking hard enough.

To search strings: My hits are way up this week thanks to a guest appearance by Hayden Christensen in the last post's title. Judging from Google Zeitgeist, he may be joined by the Georgia Senate, Santa Claus, or Sean Avery soon. One wonders why Plaxico Burress is not in the hot 100 right now. Maybe because you can't escape the frikkin' story no matter where you go.

Anyway. Why am I welcoming bad spellers today? Because they are the searchers who stumble here and happen to stick around! According to Google Analytics, I get the most first hits with any permutation of "corner kick" or "hayden christensen." But those are people just passing through when they see I don't really have any photos of Hayden Christensen's hair in pornographic situations. No, the people that stuck around for several minutes (probably because they have to sound out all the words to figure out they didn't find what they were seeking) searched for

  • movie charcters (2.5 pages per visit, and nearly 2 minutes on site average!)
  • www star wors (2 pages per visit, and over 2 minutes on site!)
  • pete dudley (oh, wait, that's spelled properly... but, like a mute pirate, it's missing an aarrh)
Other search phrases that raise one eyebrow for how the hell my site got selected, and another for why the hell someone is searching for them:
  • "i can't imagine mastering the skills"
  • 3ww (american terrorist)
  • charlie the tuna ringtone
  • corner kick foreclosed
  • favorite luke and laura moment
  • hiding a report card
  • jar full of pennies
  • list of celebrity brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners
  • poem the pully
  • son cannot join swim team because speedo
  • you suck spam
And finally, the linky love (top referring blog friends). Click on them because they are worth reading.
  • Paca over in Hawaii! A highly educated camelid.
  • Sarah who is contemplating fleeing to Canada. (Wait until spring, I say.)
  • Janey over across the pond! (Maybe we'll get to meet you on our trip in April?)
  • Robin on the east coast, coming through with clicks even during a hiatus.
  • Gene, living his own kind of insanity. (You'll be happy to know the wall is still standing.)
  • all those agents looking for reasons to reject
  • And honorable mention to Freddy's Cafe, Lissa, Tiff, WrittenWyrdd, and Chris. Merry, Blogless, Fairy Hedgehog, JimK, and J@na all get a mention, if only because I love you guys. But if you want links, you gotta put up the clicks, baby.


JaneyV said...

Glad I could send traffic your way. I didn't know I had it in me. I'm still mystified by the Hayden Christianson thing. Really?

Re April:I would love to meet up if you are over in this neck of the woods. 2009 sounds like a good year already!

fairyhedgehog said...

I didn't realise you weren't linked and now you are.

I should set my blog back to being searchable. Finding how people get to it is the source of so much innocent fun.

Blogless Troll said...

The Charlie the tuna ringtone was me. Sorry.

McKoala said...

Et moi?

Perhaps its since the demise of my linky list and the sad loss of your spot on top.

Love the reasons for coming to the blog!

Robin B. said...

"You suck spam"! Lord - that's a weird one, huh?

McKoala said...

Oh, but I follow your blog now. Surely that's just as good?!

robkroese said...

Jeez, I just got here and now you're sending me to other blogs. Ok, ok.

PJD said...

Oh, diesel, good point. Maybe that's why I never succeeded in retail.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Canada? Yeah, not at the moment. Way too cold. Though there is a 10.6 acre spread in upstate NY. Still too cold. I think we're stuck with southern cali sunshine for awhile longer.

Wish I had time to do the stats thing, but I don't even know where to begin and, as you might be able to tell, I'm far behind on my blog reading.

And thanks for passing Diesel on over. Nice chap.

Merry Monteleone said...

Well, I'd have sent them over if I'd have know there were prizes in it! :-)

I wish someone stumbled on my blog by searching "hiding a report card" or "jar full of pennies" - that last one sounds like a good title, actually.

So far the funniest ones I've found on my blog were:

"Ballbusting grandma" (I'm so wondering who the hell was searching that - and by my stats, there are at least seven different people)

"Naked Italian Girls" - how dissapointed do you think they were when they wound up at my blog? Who'd a thunk a title like "Mom and More" would prompt thoughts of porn...

Anonymous said...

McK - sadly, being linked does not qualify us for top posting on PJD's prize list.

Pete, what if we drop words like "sexy soccer legs" in reference to you? Does it push us up the list?

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

Well the top search word phrase for my blog is still Queen of Farts. Followed closely by funny random things to say. And I was trying so hard to be taken seriously!