April 12, 2007

snow in Flagstaff?

So we're staying overnight in Flagstaff on our way from Santa Fe to Ventura for a wedding that became a non-wedding when it was called off at the last minute. The drive through New Mexico was beautiful--green high plains hills, the colorful and dramatic mesas stretched across the skyline. The Arizona desert wasn't so beautiful, but it was an easy drive, until we got to the Meteor Crater. We didn't go see the crater because it seemed expensive and because we had a tight schedule, but shortly after that highway 40 dips down into the Flagstaff area... and that's where the hail and sleet hit. And snow. Snow? It's April 12th. I'm not sure I've ever been snowed on this close to tax day.

Anyway, we went out to dinner while large flakes drifted down. I won't be surprised if we get an inch or more overnight. The roads seem clear, but it's still coming down outside.

So tomorrow is our penultimate day of long-distance driving on this ten-day vacation, which has become a nine-day vacation due to the wedding's cancellation. The itinerary:

  • Friday: Drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas (550 miles)
  • Saturday: Hike to the top of turtle peak in Red Rock Canyon. This is a "difficult" hike that both boys completed with energy to spare and no whining at all. Everyone we passed was thoroughly impressed.
  • Sunday: Easter baskets in Vegas. Lunch in Kingman, AZ. Dinner in Gallup, NM. Check in to the hotel in Santa Fe near midnight. (650 miles)
  • Monday: Santa Fe museums and shops. Dinner at Maria's New Mexican Kitchen. The best chile rellenos I've ever had. Although we did not have the $45 margarita, the $12 margarita was outstanding. HIGHLY recommended.
  • Tuesday: Seeing long-lost relatives and work colleagues in Albuquerque, along with a walk through Old Town and a visit to Explora. Highly recommended. (120 miles r/t)
  • Wednesday: More Santa Fe shops and museums.
  • Thursday: Driving from Santa Fe to Flagstaff. Finally, high speed internet! It's like returning to civilization after camping in the wilderness. The Santa Fe hotel had only dial-up, which worked at 26k most of the time! Can you believe it? (330 miles)
  • Friday: We will drive to Ventura and visit with other long-lost relatives. (550 miles)
  • Saturday: We will visit Mission Santa Barbara and head home, trying not to think too much about the wedding we won't be attending because it won't be happening. (300 miles)
  • Sunday: Laundry, lawnmowing, cleaning the litter box, dreading the return to work on Monday.
Total road dogging: 2,500 miles in six days of driving in a nine-day vacation.

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Unknown said...

People tend to forget that Flagstaff is at 7,000 feet and gets 'mountain' weather. It's more apparent when you drive south towards Sedona (which despite all the new ageiness, is worth the visit for the surrounding natural beauty), and drop nearly 3,000 feet in the space of 30 miles.