February 10, 2007

thursday thirteen (#5)

Thirteen Things That Piss Me Off
  1. cancer
  2. cancer
  3. cancer
  4. war
  5. these guys
  6. especially this one
  7. wireless networks that don't work (or only sometimes)
  8. W (even though I met a very nice advisor of his this week)
  9. rejection
  10. voice mail
  11. about half of all letters to the editor
  12. computers that don't work
  13. people who think they have all the answers

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Happy TT a few days late, pjd. I see from your earlier post what's got you down; try to stay on the happy side of things. Heck, come on over to West of Mars; I'm working at keeping things light all the time.

Rashenbo said...

Yeah, sorry to see you down. Cancer saddens me. War does piss me off though. It's good to see you on the Thursday Thirteen list! Thanks for sharing. And those letters to the editors can be interesting sometimes!

Jill said...

I hate voice mail too!! Answering machine too!!

Unknown said...

Hope things brigthen up. cancer sucks!!!!