September 18, 2006

I was right the first time

While some people I know have (incorrectly) self-diagnosed many fatal or near-fatal diseases, my self-diagnosis was correct. I finally saw an orthopedic surgeon last week, and he did the x-ray thing and the poking my foot thing and the wiggling my foot thing. He proclaimed nothing worse than plantar fasciitis, which was both a relief and a frustration.

So now I can forget about the possibility of broken bones or surgery. I just have to stumble through the pain for another month or two (or three or four if I get back out on the soccer field in the meantime).

I can not wait to get back to writing and working out. Work has finally dropped to a regular pace, at least for the moment, so I hope to get back onto track with regular life. Wish me luck.


Jane D. said...

good luck...back to regular chaos.

Unknown said...

The things that worked for my plantar fasciitis:
- avoid doing what injured it in the first place (in my case, lots of time on ladders and standing on the hillside near the addition; sorry, that means staying off the soccer field for a while)
- wear shoes with good support (I miss going barefoot around the house and at church, but...)
- I put a section of 2x4 under my desk, so I can sit with my feet flexed up a bit
- stretching exercies

Good's no fun.

Dr. Johnson said...

We have an heel support system that will allow you to play soccer and be pain free at the same time. It might be worth checking out.

writtenwyrdd said...

Athletic tape placed with the center under your heel and pulled taut, then crossed behind the ankle might help support the foot some. It will make you more comfortable, maybe. It worked for me and a friend of mine, anyhow.

writtenwyrdd said...

Oh yeah, I got hard orthotics that lift my heel up about a half inch. Haven't had much trouble since, but the achilles tendon is now really tight. Guess you can't have everything!