March 1, 2006

blue funk day

The time is out of joint, and things seem no longer to be what they used to be. Some days it's hard to see all the good. Blue funk days. But I know there's plenty of good, in fact more than my share, and now guilt piles on the wagon, straining the axles and creaking the joints and making the horses sweat and snort with the strain of dragging the wagon past nine a.m. Sunny warmth outside, though the forecast is torrential rain. Same as yesterday. But other things are different, and I get tired thinking how many more years I have to hitch those horses to the same wagon. And I wonder how many more times the forecast will be wrong, and I'll wake up on a blue funk day while the rest of the world smiles sunny and warm.

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CMac said...

Man, I am familiar with those feelings and those days. Blue days. I'm not sure how they got that name. Gray days. Now that makes more sense.

I've known you for a long time, and I care for you like a brother. I'm not happy about what I am reading on this cornerkick blogpost.

Call me. Let's rap. Clear the calendar for a visit in August.