August 19, 2004

Because I Don't Like Talking to Myself

I finally figured out why I want to have a blog. Every reason I could come up with I quickly shot down; I'm a very honest person, and I couldn't lie to myself. It's not that I have things to say that art truly insightful--most of my political views can be seen in the New York Times or Washington Post regularly. It's not because I have great writing to offer the world. Some day I will finally create a great story, but it won't be through a blog. It's not because you care about my kids, or what I ate for dinner last night, or why I'm feeling angst about my upcoming product release at work.

The real reason I want to have a blog is that I don't like talking to myself. If I talk to the computer, I can imagine that you are out there right now reading this. Of course you're not, but with over a billion people on line, the potential audience is HUGE.

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